Thursday, January 27, 2011

The turnaround

I was just reviewing these last couple of months in my head and I realized... it's getting better! I was waiting for it to get better and it is! We are really going to be okay. It's taken a little longer to get back on my feet after each child. Evidently my recovery time (and we're talking whole life recovery here, not physical birth recovery, in case you are confused) for child #5 is 13 months.
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Vanderklok Family said...

Great picture! I love the expression on Odelia's face. Well if it makes you feel any better, my "baby" is 2.5 and we are still getting back on our feet. And we have one less child!

Serenity said...

Nancy, you are so sweet to try to make me feel better - but I have to point out that training for a marathon and taking up running as a time-consuming hobby just doesn't quite strike me as "just getting back on your feet!" You rock and you'll always be a hero in my book. =)

Dana said...

we are just getting back to our new normal here too Serenity! That's 13 months for the 4th baby LOL