Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dining Chair Project!

It turns out that having a bunch of children using nice dining chairs - for meals and projects and also school time - is eventually too hard for the chairs to bear. Check out the sliding on and off damage on these!! Schnikeys! I had been musing about recovering the chairs for some years but when the one on the left split open, I knew it was time. I had purchased some outdoor canvas last spring to try to recover my wonderful outdoor swing that got weathered and turned to shreds after a few years. But... I didn't get that project done... and my budget said now is not the time to buy fabric to recover the dining chairs... but I noticed that the swing fabric went very nicely with the dining room... so I reallocated the fabric that was intended for the swing, and today my mom came to help me get the job done.

The transformation is nothing short of amazing. I found the work very satisfying, though I will confess that my staple gunning areas are a little tender. Mom ended the project with a band-aid, though, so I will hand the badge of honor over to her!

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Vanderklok Family said...

They look great! I love them.

Serenity said...


Anonymous said...

They look wonderful! Kevin agrees.

Tammy Meyer said...

LOVE them! I, too, am about to embark upon this exact same endeavor! I have the fabric - just need a staple gun. Any tips you can give me? (You can send them through facebook if you'd like :)

LIFE said...
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