Friday, October 30, 2009

39 weeks with The Intern

Oh, little dear Intern, when would you like to graduate? We would like to extend to you a full-time position as a newborn in our organization. Our compensation package is competitive and we have amazing growth possibilities for you, especially in the first two years of your stay with us while we will nurture you like no one else can.

We're ready when you are!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our little rat!

This past weekend, Cymbre danced as a rat in The Pied Piper with the CARE Conservatory of Ballet. (See for more information about this great organization!) She had a great time, did a wonderful job and we're very proud of her!

Here she is in costume. The rats also had a full head mask (hence the half face make-up job) for the show but I didn't get any pictures with it on. Since she danced as a rodent in Carnival of the Animals two years ago, she is a little concerned about being type-cast... but we have confidence she will move on from the rodents in due time.

Here is Cymbre during warm up with some of her CARE friends.

And here are some of her devoted fans. =) Cymbre gave Harmony, Destiny and Noah a tour of the cast so they could get autographs and meet lots of dancers as well.

This may be the biggest fan of all. Eli enjoyed the show so much on Saturday that he asked to come with me on Sunday as well. I kept him busy during warm ups by letting him tidy up the theater: putting seats up and throwing away bits of trash. After the show, he got all the autographs he wanted (save for the Mayor, who apparently doesn't like to do the autograph bit and disappeared before we could catch him) and then wanted desperately to help the parents who were in charge of striking the set. He removed a good deal of the tape from the dance floor so it could be packed away for the next show - and he LOVED it. Plus, once he was helping, a bunch of other little boys showed up and wanted to help as well! It was adorable.
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