Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The mark of a 3 year old...

Something unexpected we've noticed has been that as soon as our children hit 3, they have started singing epic ballads about their life situations. Allegra was right on time and started singing her ballads just two weeks before her birthday back in June. The songs are generally free-form, non-sequitur, and endearing. Most frequently these ballads take place while traveling in the car.

Sunday after church, Allegra was in full song and these were some of her lyrics:

I love mommy and daddy
We love Jesus
We go to church for Jesus
Jesus had a cross

I love my mommy
I am in her heart
She loves me
I am in her heart

Shiloh wishes he had hair
He has no hair
He has no hair
But he wishes he had hair
He wishes he were a grown up