Sunday, November 16, 2008


Just some cute pictures of the kids at a recent trip to the Children's Museum.
Shiloh with a spoon he is evidently thrilled about, Allegra dressed as a bee and feeling very cranky because one of the friendly volunteers tried to talk with her, Eli and Allegra dressed as firefighters and ready to save the world, and Cymbre learning to play the piano - with a helper in the background.

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Name: Kelly said...

Hi Serenity,

I just meandered over here from Facebook and wanted to say Congrats to Shiloh for walking! but I also just wanted to say that you guys really look like you have a lot of fun in your house! That's great! I'm also extremely jealous about your cloth diaper/sling -making skills. Perhaps I'll be picking your brain in the future because I'm a junkie for cute diapers but they're too darn expensive!

have a great Thanksgiving!