Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall at the zoo with friends!

Shiloh is still my sweet buddy in the sling.
We headed to the zoo to meet up with a long time friend and his kids. We had a great time in the lovely fall weather.

Mini Chad and Mini Matt become friends!!
Okay, so Eli doesn't look THAT much like a mini-Matt but this guy is the spittin' image of his daddy and I just couldn't get over it. Eli has requested to play with his new friend again soon. =)
Our wild bunch was curiously resistant to the group picture.
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Vanderklok Family said...

So cute! Is the zoo free right now? I guess now that it is snowing, it wouldn't be too fun anyway.

Serenity said...

It's reduced price - I don't know if they are doing the free months anymore. It looks like they've changed it on the website.