Friday, May 2, 2008

So now it's MAY!

Suddenly it's May! There are flowers everywhere and green grass and leaves. Did I miss something or was spring spectacularly sudden this year? Our spring veggies are doing great and will be ready for some harvesting perhaps as early as next week. I am inordinately excited to shop the Fulton Street Farmer's Markettomorrow for its opening weekend. Asparagus and rhubarb, here I come. I'm hoping to score some locally started organic tomato and herb plants too.

We have weathered our spring performances. Cymbre's dance recital, _Journey to Freedom_ was magnificent, as was her first school musical, _The Tale of Three Trees_. Yes, we're still homeschoolers but our dayschool at church was thoughtful and generous enough to invite her to join in the all-school musical. It was a joyous experience for her and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be part of it.

Eli is still in love with ants, worms and roly-poly bugs. Allegra is still very unpredictable. Everyone is enjoying more time outside and hoping to start our hiking regimen next week. We're watching birds and wildlife and learning about plants and flowers too.

Shiloh now has his bottom front teeth and his top left tooth is just poking its way through today, I think. He is a full-fledged crawler now and revels in getting into all the tiny toys and free-range paper that the kids leave around. He also makes a sport of chasing after me. He ate a little bit of mashed banana today and seemed to really enjoy it. And he calls me "mama" which is somehow more special than it's ever been before.

More to come!

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Beth said...

I'm crying. Grayson has had 4 teeth for oh so long and he military crawls after me everywhere. This week he sat up all the way and started pulling himself up all the way.