Monday, May 12, 2008

Crazy consumption

The Story of Stuff

Many of my friends know how I agonize over the topic of consumption. Sometimes when I need clothes, I'll go to a department store and just lament over all the people who grew the fibers for the clothes, who sewed the clothes, who shipped the clothes halfway across the world - all for probably not enough money to feed their families. And so I often leave empty-handed and proceed to shop at a fair trade store with organic fibers and conscionable choices... and although I would like to, I can't really afford much of anything there... and so I usually leave empty handed. For all this ethical dilemma, the only real solution I can come up with is to only buy what I absolutely *NEED* - which can also be hard in our consumer-driven culture, especially when I am just a flawed Mommy-person who can't actually make perfect decisions all the time, even if there were perfect decisions to make. Should you wonder what on earth I'm talking about, watch The Story of Stuff.

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holly said...

wow, it's calming to realize i'm not the only one that agonizes over the threat of being sucked into the consumer mentality...constant battle. one year i gave up non-necessity purchases for lent. it was such a relief!
-holly from milkaholics