Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Musings on Valentine's Day

So tomorrow is the big day of love... the day we are to believe that diamonds and roses and cards must be purchased and presented to express our "true" feelings. Does anyone really do that stuff? Does anyone really believe it means more than our day to day actions?

Here's my big plan for V day: I am going to make a special lunch for my husband and his friends because Thursday is his day for "lunch club." So on the menu for tomorrow are turkey, greens and provalone roll ups in sundried tomato tortillas (which are red), chips and salsa, and some of my famous fudgie brownies. Mundane, I know, but this is what I have to give. And strangely, the fact that Matt's friends love and request my brownies and cookies gives me an inordinate amount of satisfaction. I'm a real mom.

I'll probably let the kids give out some Yummy Earth lollipops at their gymnastics class in the morning... and maybe I'll give them heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch... And I'll call my mom to tell her I love her... but beyond that, I'm not really in for the Valentine's Day thing. Oh, and since Matt is taking Cymbre to a concert (Casting Crowns) I'm just going to be hanging out with the smaller kids all evening. It might be restful...

The bigger reason to be excited about tomorrow is that Shiloh is going to be 6 months old! Now THAT is a reason to celebrate. And yet, what can I do to make the day special for him? He already gets all the milk, pottytunities, dry diapers, and snuggles he could possibly use. And really, what else is there when you're a little guy? He's been working so hard on learning to get up on all fours. It's so thrilling to watch him do his little baby exercises. I find that I keep pondering the mystery of baby development with this guy. How does he know what's next? First, hold head up, then learn to push up on arms. Next, roll front to back - then back to front. Learn to scoot around a bit on belly. Now get up on those knees. Next, sit up on own. It's not like he's read a book on it - it's not like he has other babies around to watch and model. And yet, all babies pretty much learn to do the same things in pretty much the same order. Amazing.

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