Thursday, February 14, 2008

As it turns out...

Okay, so no famous brownies were made last night. I forgot to figure church into my logistical plans and therefore ran out of time. And in all the craziness of getting out of the house this morning (Matt's car is in the shop which adds a little complication to our life) I forgot to grab the lollipops for the kids.

So today is one of those uncanny days on which we actually have *both* our vehicles in the shop. Matt's car really needed a few things looked at so his went in yesterday and isn't quite done yet. The van is getting REfixed after the big transmission rebuild two weeks ago. Last week I noticed transmission fluid in the garage (YIKES - you Grand Caravan owners probably know this is a huge problem!) Also, ever since I got it back, the gear shifter doesn't quite act the way it is supposed to. Plus, it has now been super cold for so long that things are starting to just break... the heater fan no longer works at all unless it is on HIGH and the power lock on the passenger side is on strike. This brings me to the realization that this vehicle has no hope of making it to 300,000 miles - well, what did you expect, you may be asking incredulously. And yet, this is the milestone we're nearing with our Mazda - hoping it will keep on going to this goal before it "goes the way of all the earth." Having one car just keep going raises one's standards, perhaps unreasonably. I am now on a first name basis with the guys at our regular auto shop as well as the guys at our transmission shop.

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