Thursday, September 4, 2008

One race, two ball games, and three concerts, OH MY!

August is a great month for fun family activities and we've been soaking it up!
We've been to some of the free concert series at the Frederick Meijer Gardens,
a free concert through our radio station,
two Whitecaps games,
and an auto race.

And what do we have to show for all this all-American fun?

Cymbre and Eli are now fascinated by cotton candy.
I keep hearing them discussing what they think it might be like.
They may have crossed over into *coveting* cotton candy.
I keep telling them it really isn't that good and no, I'm not buying it for them. Ew.
Why couldn't they be interested in Elephant Ears or something at least resembling food???

Eli was especially interested in the baseball and wanted to know the name of every player as he came up to bat.

Cymbre loved the concerts.

Allegra's responses are usually the funniest.
At the baseball game, what she learned was that sometimes hot dogs fall out of the sky!
This is a new pretend obsession for her.
At the race, Allegra was pretty miserable *until* the cars started racing and a few of them would backfire as they were slowing down for the curve... suddenly she went from misery to squealing "pop pop pop!" every time the cars went by, backfiring.
That was a huge improvement in everyone's mood!

Shiloh clapped happily pretty much any time everyone else did.

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