Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Day Pet

Last week on a library and playground walk, we found a grasshopper. It hopped out of our way and I pointed it out to the children. We studied it for a bit. Then came the inevitable question: Can we bring him home??
Well, sure. He can be a One-Day Pet.

And so home he came. First Cymbre tried carrying him in her hands but found it better to carry him in the fabric of her dress. All three of them made a soft spot for him in our "One Day Pet Jar."
They showed him around the house (in his jar) and watched him all day.
This is the wisdom of the title "ONE DAY Pet," that since it is in the name, they can't possibly forget how long he's staying for.

After they had gotten to know him, I asked what his name was.
I thought perhaps they wouldn't have thought of naming him.
I thought perhaps they would go with Grassy, Hop, Hoppy, Hopper, Greenie, Buggy - something like that.
Without missing even a beat, they answered, "We named him John,"
Okay, then!
Farewell, John! May you live long and hop much!
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Lydilos said...

Goodbye, John. Hoppy new year!