Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camping highlights!

The best line of the whole trip was while we were playing
here, at the Bass Lake inlet to Lake Michigan.
Eli was so thrilled with the water and the sand and he just bubbled out,
"Now THIS is what I call summer fun!!!"

Shiloh thought this was fun for about 3 minutes. Then he seemed very unsure about touching the sand and water and thought we would all be better off if he were carried.

Allegra is sure now that she can "swim" because of this experience.

Cymbre and Eli were really excited to get to roast their own marshmallows.
Allegra was excited primarily about eating them. She is still asking for more marshmallows.
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Anonymous said...

Serenity, the picture of Shiloh is TOO CUTE! He just looks so happy. You and Matt have a beautiful family!

Vanderklok Family said...

Aha! You DO bathe your children. Lol! Where did you go camping?

LauraK said...

What a beautiful family you have!! That looks like so much fun.