Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun at the ZOO!

We spent a few hours at the zoo today. This has been a frequent destination for our family this spring and summer. Our favorite animals this year are the wallabies, the great northern pelicans, and the lions. I'm trying to give the kids the names of the animals in German and Spanish when I can, which adds a little dimension to our visits. We were also fascinated over the last two months by the dozen baby ducks growing up in the moat area around the spider monkey mountain, but I don't believe they are official zoo ducks.

Here you see Cymbre, Eli and Shiloh looking at the waterfowl with Daddy. Allegra was in the stroller but later we tied her on Daddy's back, where she fell blissfully asleep. Cute too, don't you think??

For the first time ever, we took the ubiquitous picture with Mr. John Ball that *everyone* takes when they first get to the John Ball Zoo. Now we have one too.
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