Thursday, March 6, 2008

Little Scott Racing

This is our first pinewood derby. Both Matt and I made and raced cars as kids and perhaps for that reason we are both pretty excited to do this with the kids.

We decided to do a girls' car and a boys' car. Cymbre and Allegra wanted to do a Nascar. So Daddy made this shape for them.

Eli first wanted a sailing ship - so I cut a boat shape from the block of wood. Then he decided he'd actually like a freighter like the SS Valley Camp that we toured on our '06 vacation. I began to make superstructures to fit this idea.

Finally he decided that what he *really* wanted was a ferry like theSS Badger. I could accomodate this last change - but no more!

Here you see the cars nearly finished. We decided to add sponsors like a real racecar - so Cymbre and I raided our Frontier sale catalog and our Children's Museum flyer for logos of "stuff we like" and decoupaged them on. This was extremely fun. We are sponsored by the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, USDA Organic, Qdoba, Yummy Earth Lollipops, Eco Friendly Products, John Ball Zoo The Frederick Meijer Gardens, The Whitecaps (baseball team), Equal Exchange, and Bob the Builder. Cymbre chose the number 62 for the car because she is 6 and Allegra is 2.

As for the SS Eli, I had a blast making tiny lifeboats and a smokestack and drawing little windows on. I think Eli got bored with the whole thing because there was so much detail work that I had to do... plus he got jealous of Cymbre's fun logo project.

Because the kids are familiar with Nascar and the teams and so forth, they decided that our cars should be part of a team, which they named "Little Scott Racing." That is the kind of thing that really melts my little heart - so I made little logos of our own that say "Little Scott Racing" and "LSR" for them. I hope the kids have had as much fun with this as I have. And I hope they go fast on race day!


Anonymous said...

I love the car and ship...In Bloomer,WI Jeff always helped out with the pine car races, and he made a dog bone one year:) K

Lydilos said...

Ohh, they are soooo adorable!!!! What a great project.
And I like the Kid-isms. I understand the rock polishing one more now that I scrolled down a bit and saw the title for the one below it. Of COURSE!!!!

Uncle Kevin said...

I cannot wait for our kids to be old enough for the pine wood derby. Tell Eli, I love the ship idea!!!