Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring and other updates

First off - if you previously read the previous post and notice it's different now it's because I didn't have my story straight. Go figure.

Secondly, the rocks have finished their second grind. We are taking a break of blessed and beautiful silence. Matt thought he had gone deaf when he walked in on Tuesday to the absence of noise. I may run the third grind in the garage. The kids are studying the rocks while they are between grinds. They seem to get a kick out of comparing them in color and texture. Some of them are turning out to be rather pretty.

And third, HAPPY SPRING! This is one of my very favorite days of the year and although it's taken longer this year than usual, I am now fully fired up about gardening this year and have been trying to catch up on my catalog-consulting, veggie-craving, seed-ordering binge that really should have taken place before now... but at least it isn't too late yet!!

Here are some pictures of some of the kids' last snowy adventures a few weeks ago:Cymbre and Eli unburying the sled they'd left out. Oops. Should have made better rules regarding snow toys, I guess.Allegra in her little clubhouse. She loves to hang out in there because it's just her size.
And the obligatory sling shot (pun?) because I've learned that later they'll want to know where they were... and for me the answer is pretty much always the same. If the big kids are up to something, the baby is in the sling. =) Isn't he sweet all bundled up?

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Beth said...

Hey, I recognize those hats. Glad they fit!!!