Friday, February 15, 2008

Laundry Math

6 = Number of loads of regular wash our family of 6 accumulates in the course of a normal week during the winter
2 = Number of loads of diapers per week for a six month EC'd baby
At least 4 = Number of loads I was still behind from our busy week last week
3 = Number of extra loads added today due to surprise vomit by 2 year old in Mommy's bed

15+ = Number of times this week I should have been on my knees in prayer to thank God for the amazing gift of modern laundry facilities in my home, and yet, it's just crossed my mind this once. It comes so easily to complain about these "drudgeries" and yet they are really tangible evidence of just how blessed we are. Thank you, Lord, for these and all good things!

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